Professional Horse Racing Tips

There are several good reasons to find Professional horse racing tips when choosing to place bets on horse racing. Above all, it can be useful to use experts if you are not very good at finding value yourself. It is widespread for 2020 to look for professional tipsters.

Especially since these can generate a nice extra income, in this article, we thought about outlining a few programs that can be good to add if you are looking to make some extra money on horse racing tips. We were going to do a little summary with a bit of info.


Using Tipstrr can be very valuable. Here, anyone can register an account and use free racing tips. Also, it results in a great variety of professional racing tips. Tipstrr is best right now when it comes to delivering suggestions for ordinary people. Above all, it is about the transparency offered.

A platform that provides professional horse racing tips
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Cost:Free, learn more here.

Since it is a third party that fixes all the tips, you can expect that all results presented on the platform can be trusted. Therefore, there is no reason not to test this program. The platform has received high ratings from most people in the industry. Above all, the program has several times been ranked as just the best platform for professional horse racing tips, by several websites.

Betting Gods

Another program that deals with racing tips are Betting Gods. What are these then? Maybe you’re wondering. Betting Gods works in a slightly different way. Unlike Tipstrr, ‘anyone’ cannot register an account on this platform. On the contrary, there are a few tipsters that appear on their side.

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Name:Betting Gods
Cost:Free, learn more here.

But can, therefore, interpret it as if Betting Gods is a little more restrictive when it comes to horse racing tips. But of course, there are advantages to this approach. For example, those who give out professional racing tips are very refined and have great respect in the tipster market.

You will find names such as Quentin Franks Racing, which is one of the most famous horse racing tips. Above all, because Quentin has substantial experience. He has been active for many years – which has led to a huge following.

The problem is that when a lot of people follow a Tipster, it’s hard to ‘jump on’ the right odds.

To think of

There is no security, not even when playing on horses. Therefore, make sure not to play for money that you do not have. It can be precious to have with you. Above all, you should also consider what you want to achieve.

The mantra that echoes through the racing tips world is the ‘long term.’ You are required to devise a plan, preferably a long-term one. Don’t think you should make a profit in a few days or weeks. Instead, think of a year ahead. You should, therefore, consider every racing tip as an investment, nothing else.

This way, you can develop responsible gambling, and you will probably succeed in making money on betting.

Professional Horse Racing Tips

There are a lot of tipsters out there that give out tips. It can, therefore, be challenging to know what to look for and above all – which of these tipsters to choose.

Because the supply is so abundant, it can be challenging to identify. I recommend you choose a platform like Betting Gods or Tipstrr to locate these racing tips.

On these platforms, only the ‘strongest’ survive. In practice, this means that you only see tipsters who have done well. All mediocre tips may never be seen on these platforms. Which, of course, is a big plus.
Besides, all tipsters have their pages.

There you will find all the information you need to make a choice. You will find, among other things, the return of investment, strike rate, and many different factors that can be crucial when looking for professional horse racing tips.

Therefore, be sure to look through these fact boxes and be careful before buying a subscription.

Watch out for

Unfortunately, there are a lot of bluffs out there. Most often, these are on Twitter. They pretend to be a professional tipster, but the truth is that they are usually very mediocre. About even that.

These bluffs are rarely shown on established platforms, as it is not the ‘follower’ who decides how much attention you get. On the contrary, it is the results that people show that will be noticed. But it can still be valuable to ponder and reflect on these scam tips.

A famous scam is Ron Williams. It is a notorious figure that figures in several different names in this industry. He is very active on Twitter, and he has his tipster page. There he feeds false results, and his return of investment is anything but true. Therefore, I recommend you to choose established platforms. On these, these ‘bluffs’ are filtered off.

How can I find professional horse racing tips?

You will find professional horse racing tips by sticking to a trusted platform. We have made a summary of some well establish and trusted platforms that provide racing tips.

Are there any racing tips that are free?

Yes, most of them are free.

How much should I stake?

It depends. But mainly, the tipsters suggest you split your bank with 100. And then 1/100 represents one bet.